are you there?
oh... uh...
you dont want to talk to me thats fine
youve been getting distant now anyways... so...
sorry for being a waste of a friend i guess
oh yay
so i know i wasnt in class today
maybe you noticed?
Yeah, are you okay?
No, I didn't
im okay... if i worried you im sorry
i just felt...
well im gonna ramble for a bit actually but
it all feels so different now. youre different. youre not focusing on the right things, youre just chasing glamour and meaningless highs. i just wish it was back then when we would do everything together, we would spend saturday mornings together, we would go to the mall together. you were there for me. i want nothing more than to see the gleam in your eyes again when i spoke, but... its not there
its horrible. everything is horrible now. i couldnt bare to go to class with you,,, with you acting like that. it makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it
you changed. why did you change? why is everything different?
Everything's different because you refuse to let it be
We're just as good friends as we used to be. But this year isn't last year, and it sure as hell isn't freshman year either. It's not going to be the exact same, but that doesn't mean I'm not your friend. You've changed just as much as me, but you insist on playing like we were children
we are children
No, we're not
Yes, we are
you cant use that as an excuse to hate me
I don't hate you
I've always hated you
then why do you hate me?
I don't hate you
I've always hated you
you act so cold still...
it hurts. it hurts so much
you prefer It over me
youd sooner see me die than give up the fortune and future you think you have
im selfish too, im obsessed with something too, im obsessed with us, im obsessed with the time we shared, im obsessed with the mall we went to, im obsessed with it
but you don't even care to think about it
So I'm gonna kill it.
its the school isnt it?
the school is making you say that?
the school has gotten to you, its gotten to me too. its gotten to everyone. everyone is sick nowadays, everyone has become vile and evil and obsessed with it. theyve forgotten basic human needs. theyve forgotten me. theyve forgotten the mall
So I'm gonna kill it.
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